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Dreamy ♥ Ryo Nishikido

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30 December
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  • debbie_chan@livejournal.com
About Debbie-chan~♪
Nickname(s): Debbie or デビーちゃん (Debbie-chan)
Choco-chan (to bibi_teko's Latte-chan)
Haruto-kun (to azarashi's Ganmo-chan)
Debdeb (by dio_elaclaire)
Debboo (by Wasabi-chan (pulang_tala}
GokuDebbie-san-sensei (by my Kawaii-Oshiego-Josiiee-chan (16nightsmoon}
Midori-chan (by my Paapuru-chan (makuhita)
Birthplace: U.S.A.
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Current Residence: Japan
Siblings: Two sisters.
Parents: パパ(American) and ママ(Japanese)

Where you may have seen me before:
I'm the owner of meccha_omoroi and the head of sukkiyanen. I help out my friends in 2 lovely forums, Sukiyanen Kanjani8 and Open Your Eyes..

Favorite color: GREEN♥ Can you tell? (.^o^.)

★ Speaks fluent Japanese and English. 日本語と英語がぺらぺら。 (.^o^.)
★ Speaks a little French. 高校で3年、そして大学で1年勉強したんだけど、あまり話せない。(汗)
★ Loves chocolate, especially mint chocolate♥
★ Loves たこ焼き♥ めっちゃ美味しい!
★ Loves strawberries♥
★ Lived in Japan for 16 years (13 years in Tokyo)
★ 日本が恋しい。(.~_~.) I want to go back to Japan, even for a little while...
★ 理想の男: よく考えてみれば
★ すごく気になる男: めっちゃええ男
錦戸亮。 (とっても好き♥ Ryo-chan has my complete attention.)
★ 会ってみたい人: 可愛い手越祐也。 (I think it would be so much fun to talk to Tesshi.)
★ 将来の夢: Find a career that makes me really happy. Then, find my soulmate and get married by 26. I want to have two kids (a boy and a girl) and live a happy life with my husband and kids. (.^o^.)

Most importantly...
((And quite obviously))

**Insert Ryo-chan's singing here**

♪「まだ知らない明日のHAPPY 物語は 僕らで作ろう。」♪


J’adore Ryo

★ This is basically my fansite for NEWS & 関ジャニ∞'s Nishikido Ryo♥ The main purpose of my site is to support Ryo-chan, 関ジャニ∞ & NEWS by spreading the love. (.^_^.) I try to translate as much stuff as possible. Sometimes I translate stuff from other Japanese artists as well. (.^o^.) You are welcomed to look at all my translations: デビーの翻訳 (Debbie's Translations)

★ I speak about Ryo-chan a lot and I'm usually a very bubbly person, so if you don't like either one of those qualities, you may not want to friend-me. (.^o^.)

★ Anyone who wants to e-mail me because they want to send me lots of Ryo-chan stuff (hee... hee...) or they just want to talk, I can give you my e-mail. (.^_^.)

★ When you go to my LJ, my default user pic shows (on the left side), and when it is 'Haruto-kun' that means I'm online, so feel free to chat with me. (.^o^.)

Please do not steal any of my translations. If this happens, I will lock it from the public. If you would like to share them somewhere, please tell me.

★ I don't curse. (.^___^.) My friends have been very respectful about this and they do not curse in my LJ. I would appreciate it if everyone does the same.

★ Dissing on my favorite guy, Nishikido Ryo or my favorite groups (NEWS & Kanjani∞) is a sure way of upsetting me. Please do not do it. If you feel the need to insult them, please go somewhere else. Thank you. (.^__^.)

Banner for my LJ made by ルミちゃん♥

RyoChi is LOVE <3

Thanks madbunni for doing the awards. (.^__^.)

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Note: If you friend-me because you enjoy my site and would like to keep up with it, that is fine. However, if you enjoy my site and at the same time would like to be friends, please leave a comment. (.^_^.) I don't bite and I do like making friends. Just a simple intro with what name you'd like me to call you by, how you came upon my site, and a little about yourself, would be nice.

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